Stuff (stuf) n.
1- Valuable antiques or useless junk (often very difficult to distinguish).
2- Items and possessions, which often appear in large numbers, that cause turmoil
in one’s home and life.
Heidee ( hi de) n.
1- A warm, caring person who will help you organize your stuff and keep it organized.
2- Someone who will manage the relocation of your things.
3 - The help you’ve been hoping for.

Heidee, exactly what do you do?

In short, I sort things out for people. We all have times when we need someone to give us a hand. Often this is during stressful or transitional periods. And occasionally we could all use a little help to keep our daily lives running smoothly.
With my experience and unique skills, and my extensive network of resources, we will eliminate the things which create unnecessary stress in your life, including the management of stressful situations.I will assist you to make difficult decisions by providing an objective point of view, many creative ideas an occasional nudge, and always my personal support.

Heidee’s Help Can Help You !

My specialty is project management, especially as it pertains to relocation. Often I am called in to manage the relocation of seniors from their family home into some type of smaller dwelling, and have managed these moves within a city’s boundaries, across state borders and even between countries. Additionally, I have managed relocation for younger families where both adults work outside the home, and neither can afford to take time off to make sure things go smoothly.

I’m Moving!

What should I save? Is this an antique or just junk? Who’ll buy it? How will I keep all my memories? Should I have a garage sale or donate to
charity? Where can I put all my things once I move? I need some help getting organized!

Someone close to me just passed away.

I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do with someone else’s things. I feel emotionally paralyzed. How do I start?

My basement is a black hole !

I’m afraid to open the door. I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years, that I’m no longer sure if I still need it or even want it. In fact, I can’t even remember what’s in there!

Retirement center time?

That apartment seems so small. How can I move from ten rooms to three? I’m overwhelmed with the details. Will it ever feel like home?
How will I manage all these details without letting something important fall through the cracks?

Sometimes it’s a matter of creating order.

If you are wanting help making your house feel more like home, together we’ll tackle:

● Overflowing closets
● Cluttered cabinets
● Stuffed storage rooms - on or off-site
● The garage (with no space for the car)
● The attic or the basement
● The kitchen
● The family room
● The children’s playroom

“Restoring balance in your life needn’t be a chore.”

What happens to the “stuff” I don’t want anymore?

Much of my work is based on the idea that what goes around, goes around. Recycling effectively deals with more than just trash. Clothing and household items can be donated to “direct action” charities, so the items you no longer need can be used by those who do. How do we start? Call me for an initial consultation at no charge. We’ll discuss what you need and talk through the “trouble spots”. I’ll create a list of suggested services in an order based on your priorities, with a plan to implement them, including follow-up assistance, if required. Also included will be an estimate designed to fit within your budget.

Allow me to be the help you’ve hoped for!

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